Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Atlantic Technology Corner-Mounted 10 CSB Subwoofer

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What a great idea to design a subwoofer around the fact that it will be located in the corner so it might as well fit the corner. That is what Atlantic Technology has done with its corner-mounted 10 CSB sub. Besides being an aesthetically pleasing box, specifications and the price are amazing as well:
The 180 Watt amplifier module is a high-current design that delivers exceptional driver control and cool operation. It is precision matched and equalized to the driver, and includes a phase inversion switch and adjustable (40 Hz to 140 Hz) 18 dB/octave crossover for proper integration with a range of satellite speakers. It also features both low-level and high-level inputs for use with nearly any amplification and satellite speaker combination.
The suggested price of 10 CSB is just $899 and it is available now.

Source: Atlantic Technology via press agency GSPR

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