Thursday, March 30, 2006

WLANPlus: Multiple HDTV Streams Over WiFi

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Metalink Ltd, company from Israel, has been demonstrating transmission of not one, but multiple streams of HD signal over 802.11n. Metalink is a semiconductor company that's behind the WLANPlus system that is capable of delivering HD signals to displays in a 100 feet radius. It incorporates 2 chips: MtW8170 baseband device and the MtW8150 radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC). According to the company, they have established partnership with Renesas Technology Corp that specializes in microcontrollers and will be jointly developing an integrated circuit that consist of both technologies. By having a all-in-one ( or System-On-a-Chip) IC, Metalink expects their chips to be used by manufacturers of residential gateways, DTV, HDTV, Set-Top Boxes, Media Adaptors, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Portable Display Appliances and Game Consoles.

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Here are other companies with taking a shot at the similar technology:

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