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Mitsubishi HD4000U Review

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Mitsubishi HD4000U DLP WXGA Projector
ProjectorCentral reviews latest Mitsubishi DLP projector, HD4000U. The unit features native WXGA (1280x768) DMD chip, puts out 2000 ANSI lumen with a contrast ratio of 2500:1. While it is not marketed as a home theater projector, reviewer states that its options make it quite viable for use in home theater setups. The factors that actually may present a problem in home theater setups, as reported, is the fan noise, 2x color wheel that is prone to more rainbows, and not so impressive contrast ratio vs high lumen output.
One of the features is TI's BrilliantColor, or I would say Mitsubishi's implementations of TI's feature, has caught the attention of the reviewer. There are 3 settings that for BrilliantColor - 0 to turn off, 1 to put in somewhat intermediate state, and 2 - full on. Long story short, while BrilliantColor full on setting increases the lumen output, it brings out dithering and ringing issues whereas turned off the video image is the sharpest and most film-like.
In conclusion:
Buyers of the HD4000 will be paying a premium for native WXGA resolution and high lumen output in a portable package. It is a unique solution on the market that will be perfect for those who want bright, widescreen data presentation use at the office, as well as portability for multiple commercial venues, and/or part time personal entertainment at home. If we were using it in this manner, we'd activate BrilliantColor to produce bright presentations in our commercial work, and turn off BrilliantColor when using it for video at home. We have given it a high rating for value because for the person who needs this particular type of projector, there is nothing else on the market quite like it.

Mitsubishi HD4000U is suggested at $3999.

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