Monday, April 10, 2006

Next Sony VPL-VW100 Review

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Home Theater Magazine reviews Sony VPL-VW100 SXRD Projector with a quote that this is the projector that has the blackest blacks they have ever seen. I agree, but no one says that Ruby's output is only 800 Lumen. Of course it would be black. Another problem they have noticed is deinterlacing that failed with jaggies on classic waiving flag of HQV Video and was not too fast in picking up 3:2 pulldown. It seems that this is the first review to mention most of the problems that Sony VPL-VW100 including too-much-vibrant-inaccurate color reproduction and scaling:
Scaling is crucial in any display and even more so in a 1080p display, as there are almost six times as many pixels as there are on a DVD. The VPL-VW100 does an excellent job. It internally upconverts DVDs about as well as an external upconverting DVD player—at least as far as detail goes, that is. The component input had a small amount of noise, a kind of grain that wasn't apparent when I used the HDMI or DVI inputs, which were very smooth. The component input also had a disappointing amount of steps and noise in the gray ramp from Video Essentials. This was noticeable with actual video material, as well. It was more than I expected from a $10,000 projector, but it was far less than that of many digital displays. While it's not bad enough to completely avoid the analog inputs, I'd advise you to use digital when you can.

In the conclusion, not having to much to say about the picture quality, reviewer suggests that VPLVW100 "is a beautiful and incredible-looking projector". What can I say,look is important, but at $10000 I would like to have the picture quality first and everything else after. There are much better projectors that are brighter and have better picture quality for fraction of the price.

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