Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pioneer PDP-5000EX 1080P Plasma Display

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Pioneer, surprisingly announced PDP-5000EX 1080P plasma display in Europe with ship date set to June. That was quite quick from Pioneer. So, what are the highlights of the PDP5000EX other that it is the first native 1080p 50-inch plasma display. There are few worth mentioning and actually present an advancement in plasma technology.
  • Deep Waffle Rib Structure - the marketing name implies that plasma cells are positioned in deeper "waffles" compared to "other" manufacturers. This means that light output from the sides is less giving the output ray better intensity. One thing that I am interested in but do not have an answer if waffles will make distance between pixels more emphasized.
  • Direct Colour Filter is a type of glass filter that differs from others by eliminating the air layer in between the glass and the panel. This makes much less reflection.
The most interesting part is that the first 1080p plasma has been released in Europe rather than here in US or Japan where the number of HD programming prevails. According to one of the comments on the HD buzz is naturally "trading" at its peak and Pioneer is using it for free to get the premium price. The price in fact will be around $10000.


Read the press release on Pioneer's website ...

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