Monday, November 14, 2005

Rotel RDV-03 DVD Player

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Rotel has a new DVD player that reached North America for holiday season - RDV-03. Let me get to the point - this thing does not have a DVI nor HDMI outputs even at a $500 price point. Well, it is Rotel, but that does not cure it even with specs other DVD players lack - you can adjust video controls on it such as contrast, brightness, tint, etc. But hey, this is the digital era - give us some raw bits to play with. Audio part is not impressive as well - it only upsamples to 96KHz with on a 24bit DAC. May not be an issue but why settle in the middle. Good components are cheap now!
Another shortcoming: RDV03 can play DVD-Video, Audio CD, Video CD, SVCD, MP3, WMA, and JPEG but no SACD. And to close the post - Rotel even have a matching receiver with no digital video connection other that coax/toslink. RSX-03 is 5.1 channel av receiver with component switching and 40Watt per channel at 8Ohm. Buy this pair only if your last name is Rotel. And yes both do Dolby-Shmolby stuff.

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