Monday, November 14, 2005

Logitech Harmony for Xbox 360 and Your Home Theater

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Ok, so you've decided that your home theater will be driven by Xbox but bumped into the eternal problem of multiple remotes? No problem, Logitech has a solution for you - Harmony 360 - a remote control that can manipulate up to 12 devices. That's probably more than enough. Other than those 12 devices Harmony 360 has one "click" activity buttons to play music or watch TV. The best part of this technology, which in fact officially is called Smart State Technology®, does is not programmed as we do with macro buttons. It is set up automagically by the brain of this little device. Of course, Harmony 360 is capable of learning as well as programmed with a PC or Mac with an Internet connection. Truly wonderful at $100 after $30 rebate. Heck, even at $130.

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Manufacturer: Logitech

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