Thursday, November 10, 2005

Buffalo LinkTheater DVD Player and Wireless Streamer

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Buffalo LinkTheater DVD Player
There is a new review from TrustedReviews on Buffalo LinkTheater DVD player that also happens to have a built-in 802.11g 54MBps WiFi connectivity so it can stream music, video and images off of your computer. The review is a basic coverage and does not go into detail on video or audio quality as readers of this site would expect. The manufacturer, Buffalo, is known mostly for wireless products and has no relation with audio nor video. What they did is get an OEM DVD player that does not have any digital output and put their WiFi card into it. More, they also added an ethernet and USB connections. You what USB connection will be used for, right? Hard disks, flash keys, iPods. Though the company does not mention iPod in the marketing remarks. I will be safe to assume that iPod will work as well as any other portable audio player with USB connectivity as long as stored music is in MP3 and/or WMA formats. LinkTheater can also play WMV (SD and HD) DivX (SD and HD) video files via network ( WiFi or ethernet) or USB.
All in all, this is a good device to have for $300. Eventhough the is no DVI or HDMI outputs, some people will be ok with component output with so many other features. And here is the diagram that is worth thousand words:
Buffalo LinkTheater DiagramSource: eHomeUpgrade
Manufacturer: Buffalo

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