Wednesday, November 09, 2005

IBM 3D TV Proof-of-Concept

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IBM demonstrated a proof-of-concept technology for 3D TV by using a non-altered DLP TV and a proprietary hardware to do the trick. The principle beyond this technology is very simple thus inexpensive. But first lets go over how conventional 3D technology works. In order to produce stereo images movie theaters, such as IMAX, use 2 projectors to show 2 images simultaneously - one for right and one for left eye. The watcher wears passive glasses that bring those 2 images into focus and the feeling of depth. IBM's idea is very simple - they alternate images - in the input the device takes left and right image and shows them on the display one after another. Simple, isn't it? IBM also claims that this technology can be built into a DLP TV ( or for that matter any modern TV) for less than $20. In case you already have purchased your super display and do not want to part with it for next 5 years, converter box will be an option for about $1000. IBM is looking for a manufacturing partner to bring the technology to the market.

Source: CNET News

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