Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shure E4 and E5 Review

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Jason Victor Serinusfrom HomeTheaterHiFi reviews Shure E4 and E5 earphones. He notes that E5 has a separate bass module which in fact does not affect the weight of the
The E4s, which do a fine job of shutting out noise, offer detailed reproduction of higher frequency information. Their tonal balance, however, is neither midrange rich nor deeply extended. The sound is very much what one would expect from mp3s reproduced through an iPod or similar portable device.

The E5s, at least the equal of the E4s when it comes to noise reduction, beautifully integrate a pleasing, well-extended top with a warm midrange and extended bass. Their sound is quite seductive; music seems all of one piece, possessing a satisfying, non-fatiguing warmth. In case you're wondering, I intend to purchase the review sample and use them to review music with my Powerbook when my home computer is not available.
As you can see, Shure E5 is good enough for the audiophile reviewer to announce that he is going to purchase one.

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