Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference AV Loudspeakers

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics released Nucleus Reference AV loudspeakers. The company targets flat panel home theaters with the release of the product and the head honcho himself says:
“These are the perfect speakers to add to any high-end home theater setup,” states Anthony Gallo, founder of AGA. “Sports junkies and movie enthusiasts alike will see – and hear – their favorite television programs and films come to life. Anytime you can’t get to the game or the movie theater, the Reference AV coupled with the Reference Center will bring the action right into your living room.”
The speakers can handle 150 Watts RMS with peak at 300 Watts, sensitivity is 88dB and frequency coverage is from 55Hz to 35Khz. Loudspeaker's guts consist of four carbon fiber with neodymium magnets 4" drivers. The tweeter is CDTII™ piezo film with 300° horizontal dispersion. The crossover cuts at 100Hz and 3Khz. Nucleus Reference AV comes in matte black,matte white, silver-grey, black over stainless spheres. As a bonus, speakers packed with matching color wall mounts but can optionally be ordered with adjustable cast aluminum table stands.
Nucleus Reference AV loudspeakers are available now.
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Product page: Anthony Gallo Acoustics

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