Thursday, March 09, 2006

HD IPTV Doomed?

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BellSouth's Chief Architect Henry Kafka said at Optical Fiber Communication/National Fiber Optics Engineers Conference that regular IPTV on demand video services bandwidth will cost $112 versus $1 for regular internet usage. Running the numbers, average bandwidth stands at 2 GB for internet usage, and 224 GB for IPTV usage. That's for standard definition video service. To make it even worse, he says it will cost about $560 if the video is in high-definition with bandwidth usage of about 1 TB. So Mr Kafka is asking for help and suggesting a solution where interested parties would take different approach by implementing content caching, new network management controls, and new business models in order to reduce the cost per byte. In his words:
“"It'’s going to take us a while to get the massive amounts of cheaper bandwidth that we need",” he said. “The performance of the Internet is basically going to be a mess.
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