Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Panasonic Introduces 5 New Displays, 6 HDD Recorders

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Big day for Panasonic. It added 4 new plasmas, 1 LCD display, and 6 DVD/HDD recorders to the lineup. Plasmas are 37, 42, 50, 58 inch (shown above) in diagonal [ 58??? new unheard diagonal size ] and a 32-inch LCD. None of the displays feature a 1080p panel ( 1920x1080 ) but they do accept 1080p signal via HDMI input. TH-50PX600 50" and TH-58PX600 58 plasmas and TH-32LX600 32 inch LCD have resolution 1366x768 , TH-42PX600 42-incher is 1024x768 (16x9), and TH-37PX600 37" has a weird resolution of 1024x720. Prices are from $2500 going up to $6600 for the 58 inch plasma. For the time being, all models are for Japanese market and will hit their stores in mid-April except for the TH-58PX600 58" plasma on May 1st.

Recorder lineup and spec dirt is as follows:
  • DMR-EX550 - 500GB, digital tuner, HDMI output, 1080p output
  • DMR-EX350 - 400GB, digital tuner, HDMI,
  • DMR-EX250V - 250GB, digital tuner, HDMI
  • DMR-EX150 - 200GB, digital tuner, HDMI
  • DMR-EH55 - 200GB , analog tuner
  • DMR-EH75V - 200GB, analog tuner
Ship date for all Diga HDD DVD recorders is set for mid-April to mid May.

Source: Engadget and Watch.Impress Japan

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