Sunday, March 05, 2006

byd:sign 1080p 42 inch LCD TV

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byd:sign is known for delivering products much cheaper than the market. So it is no surprise to see a 42 inch 1080p LCD set for just €€1840 - thats about freakin' $2,220. According to Diamou of it is less than its competitor from Sharp Aquos line by €290 ( thats $350 ). And now lets get down to specs: 1000:1 contrast ratio, brightness - 600cd/m2, 8ms response time, tuner. Inputs include composite, s-video, component, D4, and HDMI/HDCP and with capability of displaying signals up to 1080p on HDMI and component inputs. Power consumption is 300W, a bit more that from a 42-incher, but since it power more pixels, it is expected. And yes, do not expect one of these at BestBuy - this is for Japanese folks only.

Product Page: d:4242GJ [Google translated from Japanese]

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