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DWIN TransVision 4 Review

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Here comes a review from a big house. DWIN is my favorite display company and I do not hide it. And there is a reason for that. In my opinion, DWIN's video processing surpasses anything else in the market. I would not trade any incarnation of DWIN video processors with Faroudja, DVDO or Silicon Optix. Reasons are simple - perfect picture quality, easy of installation due to the separation of the processor and the projector ( or plasma display if you wish ), easy of use as far as controls are concerned. I have seen few versions of TransVision during last 5 years and have had a chance to set it on a bench with other projectors from Sharp, InFocus, Yamaha. My only reason was to see the same paused video frame on all of them at the same time and compare. While other projectors are very good, there are so many little points that DWIN takes the winning position. For example colors. In Fred Manteghian's review of TV4 he mentions that colors are just perfect out of the box even without 6500K calibration. I am in total agreement with it. My own experience is that DWIN's colors are more natural than other projectors on the bench. The colors usually compared are red, black, and white. So I have chosen a frame from Austin Powers movie where Mike Myers had a red jacket on and, as you know there is a rainbow of colors everywhere in the movie including whites and blacks. All projectors except DWIN had moire showing on his red jacket and red was a more or less on a pale blackish side ( note that all projectors except TV4 were color corrected ).
I can go on and on about TV4, TV3 but that's for another time. I will be getting one of these sometimes soon and will do a down to earth review with pictures.
For now, let Fred from Guide to Home Theater show you the beauty of DWIN TransVision 4 projector. According to him DWIN's CarlZeiss lens is one of the best outputting the sharpest image he has seen in his house but is not excited about the lack of vertical or horizontal shift. I agree with him. TV3 had a very wide vertical shift giving the installer a lot of flexibility, whereas TV4 is missing it. Fred also mentions how bright is TV4. Sometimes it is too bright and needs adjustment for football watching since white scenes lose detail. But there is a solution for that: DWIN TransVision 4 sports separate memory for each input and video signal ( something Fred have missed to notice ) for all adjustments, including contrast, brightness, picture size and position, custom ratios. Speaking of custom ratios: I have never seen any other projector to feature similar option. Custom ratio basically will shrink or zoom the picture horizontally or vertically to match any inconsistencies in the source. You know, those DVD players that sometimes are off the standard and leave thick lines on the edges. You can adjust those with custom ratio and image size/position settings. And all those settings will be saved in memory for each video signal and input separately. That means if, say, 480p signal will have its own settings on DVI 1 input and 1080i will have its own memory share on the same DVI 1. Very handy especially with some satellite receiver models that automatically switch from 480p to 1080i and back. Imagine how the colors, brightness, and contrast would suffer when you have the same adjustment for all video types.
So, in conclusion, Fred calls it a DWINNER! and says:

But I live in the present and the DWIN joins some of the best looking DLP front projectors out there today, but with the added convenience of a powerful external video processor. The day after I watched the SuperBowl on the DWIN I had to box it up for the return trip to California. Will I miss it? Like a favorite arm. Highly recommended.

Very highly recommended, if you ask me.

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