Thursday, March 09, 2006

Panasonic Announces PX600 Viera Series Plasmas

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Panasonic Viera px600 plasma display Panasonic announced next generation of their plasma TV lineup - PX600. Notable new feature of the new line is the upgraded Real Black Drive System. Plasma pixels are driven with a pulse width modulated signal and lack the blacks. If you look closely black pixels have a green noise. Panasonic is addressing this issue with Real Black Drive System along with new Deep Black Filter. Overall performance shading performance is reported to be improved by 50% in contrast with PX500 series plasmas.
Panasonic plasma panels are the best in the market in terms of picture quality and retention (or burn-in). They dominate the market yet do not stop improving. 50% improvement in gradation is a huge number for such a feature. I am looking forward in seeing this in action whenver Best Buy gets it.
Available in Japan April 15th. No word on US or Europe export dates.


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