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Axiom M80v2 Loudspeakers and EP600 Subwoofer Review

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6moons' John Potis reviews Axiom M80v2 loudspeakers and Epicenter EP600 subwoofer. I am going to spoil it right away - they both get a Blue Moon award. Why? For the price there is no match because Axiom does not go after expensive finishes and sells direct without the middleman. That's why. It can be easily knock down $3000-range speakers by the sound reproduction quality. Here is what John says:
But the M80s easily meet the expectations of these buyers[ed.non-audiophiles] plus bring to the table all the other goodies as well - goodies which only the experienced audiophile knows to expect. And that's rare in this price range, let's face it. What I'm trying to say is that when all is factored in, the M80s are more speaker than most of these buyers can even imagine. They by far surpass expectations of the inexperienced buyer. Audiophiles are a different breed, however. They are much more finicky with much higher and often unrealistic expectations. They all want something for nothing. The question is, will the M80s appeal to these neurotics as well? You can bet on it. They offer a level of performance that I couldn't have anticipated at this price.
And for the EP600, first reviewer was surprised that he even got the super subwoofer at all since full-range M80 has enough bass. But who can resist one especially if it is rated at in-room usable bass response to 15Hz. And as all of you know, subs are at their best test when watching U-571. That is what John does.
M80v2 priced at $1300 and EP600 at $1780 and available direct from manufacturer.

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