Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Personal Movie Theater

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What you think this is? Right, a movie theater. No lets call it a personal movie theater because it is located underneath the front loan of AVSForum member who apparently has loads of cash and a perfect dream. The guy runs his movie theater with JVC QX-1 projector that puts out 7000 lumens on a 2048x1536 resolution D-ILA panels. Just this beast costs about $200,000 so imagine how much green matter the whole thing has consumed. Even JVC has put the pictures of the this home theater on their web site as a showcase. I do not even want to go into other equipment since the projector and the looks are enough for me to drool non-stop for the next week. The owner, Phil Trubey, has posted on the forum about his intention to have a meetup for the members to "check out" his San Diego based home theater.

[UPDATE] : HTGuys have visited Phil at his house and have more pictures to show.

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Source: AVSForum

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